Brief description of the bead process and our vision for our Jewelry and beads.

About US

Elements of Light make unique, hand painted porcelain beads, and jewelery.

Elements of Light beads are manufactured in South Australia and hand painted by Jill Cooter one of Australia’s finest Porcelain Artists whose work has been exhibited in London and other overseas Boutiques.

Each bead has been fired to a bisque temperature of 1200c followed by a glazing temperature of 1000c.
On-glaze paints and Lustres have been used to hand paint the beads. The Porcelain painting on our beads requires several applications – depending on definition and depth of colour required.

Attention to detail is paramount. Teresa is a jewelery designer who has been refining her talent over the past two years and who continues to make elegant jewelery. Each piece shows her love of the craft and Jill’s beads are inspirational in creating exceptional pieces.

The jewelery reflects the colours of the zodiac. Colour enhances our lives which encourages spiritual healing that reveals an inner peace, giving ‘self’ a sense of completeness. Jill’s uniquely exquisite beads and Teresa’s designer jewelery culminates their talents in creating a range of elegant jewelery.

These pieces include pendulums, zodiac bracelets, healing beads and rosary bracelets. We hope that our jewelery will give an Element of Light and sense of well being to each individual who buys one of our unique pieces.